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10 Principles of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan

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Ιστορία Οικογένειας Γιάνγκ

Yang Family History

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Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in Chania

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan lessons in Chania:
Novices: Temporarily Monday and Wednesday 19:30-21:30.  Call 6944334698 for details. Initialy we teach the 16 forms of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. The 16 Forms is a new sequence of movements taken from the large frame of 103 forms. It takes about 2 minutes and does not require a lot of space to perform. It is a good introduction to Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and it has been designed to fit the needs of modern times where one does not have a long time or a large space to devote to his training.
Advanced: Temporarily Monday and Wednesday 19:30-21:30. The lessons are given at ON hall in Tabakaria. Contact 6944334698 for details. We teach the Traditional Yang Family Long Form 103, created by Yang Chen Fu, as well as pushing hands (marshal training) and strenghthening excercises. The teaching follows the standards laid down by the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association(www.yangfamilytaichichuan.com). This year we are going to also introduce Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan sword.

Why Tai Chi Chuan.

The world we live in, and the constant need to adapt continuously in alternating situations makes it impossible to keep ourselves balanced and calm. The purpose of practicing Tai Chi Chuan is to help develop sensitivity to external forces that affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. With time, dedication and continuous practice you can increase your alertness, flexibility and sensitivity, and bring back to your life those quiet moments that you missed under the pressure of time. Tai Chi Chuan will give you a center of balance and a stable base. When the body is physically relaxed it is strong and when the mind is at peace spiritually, everything in life becomes easier and flows naturally. Of course problems will not disappear by doing Tai Chi Chuan, but they will not control your life again. In the old days (the first historically accurate references to Tai Chi Chuan appear in 17th century) the main reason for someone to learn martial arts was to be able to defend himself in battlefield. Tai Chi Chuan was the martial art that was taught to the imperial guards by ‘Yang the invincible’ who started Yang family Tai Chi Chuan. But times have changed. Self-defense has become a less necessary target for most people. The effectiveness of any martial art can be measured by the wisdom that brings with it. The martial and spiritual aspects of Tai Chi Chuan develop with practice, but we may not notice them at the beginning, as we slowly become aware of who we are. Who is the enemy, the one who attacks us and we fear so much and have to defeat him? No one but ourselves. Life is a modern “battlefield” and a strong mind not the martial techniques will bring victory. Tai Chi Chuan is an art of self-defense for life that trains us to cope with the pressures and tensions of everyday life with a balanced and effective manner.